/bʊʃ / (say boosh)

1. a woody plant, especially a low one, with many branches which usually arise from or near the ground.
2. Botany a small cluster of shrubs appearing as a single plant.
3. something resembling or suggesting a bush, as a head of thick, shaggy hair.
4. a fox's tail.
5. (in Australia and Africa) terrain covered with bushy vegetation or trees, especially when uncultivated or in its natural state: to walk through thick bush.
6. NZ a patch of native forest: a very pretty bush stretching up the range.
7. Colloquial the pubic hair.
verb (i)
8. to be or become bushy; branch or spread as or like a bush.
verb (t)
9. to cover with bushes; protect with bushes set round about; support with bushes.
10. Agriculture to clear the ground, chiefly under citrus trees.
11. found in, or typical of, the bush (def. 19b): bush pub; bush hospitality.
12. uncivilised; rough; makeshift: bush bed; bush carpentry.
13. relaxed in style or protocol: bush cricket.
14. beat about the bush, to fail to come to the point; prevaricate.
15. bush it, to live or camp in the bush: we were lost and had to bush it for the night.
16. go bush,
a. (of animals) to stray and live in the bush.
b. (of people) to reject civilisation and live an isolated life in the bush: *Some of the old rabbit trappers were well known in the town, but there were always one or two semi-hermits who had gone bush. –james aldridge, 1973.
c. to adopt a way of life which is without the comforts and attractions of the big city, especially one which is close to nature.
17. out bush, in or to a remote bush region: I have been out bush for many years.
18. take to the bush,
a. to go to live in the bush, especially to turn one's back on civilisation and adopt a way of life close to nature.
b. Australian History to escape custody or leave settlement and become a bushranger.
19. the bush,
a. the natural ecosystem of Australia including flora, fauna and landforms: Australians love the bush.
b. the regions outside major cities, encompassing open land, cultivated land, forests, towns, etc.: *Gran came to stay soon after we shifted back to the bush. –rocky marshall, 1983.
c. people living in rural areas, considered collectively: the bush is up in arms about the closure of bank branches.
d. NZ the native forest.
{Middle English; unexplained variant of busk, from Scandinavian; compare Danish busk}
/bʊʃ / (say boosh) Machinery

1. a lining of metal or the like let into an orifice to guard against wearing by friction, erosion, etc.
2. a metal lining, usually detachable, used as a bearing.
verb (t)
3. to furnish with a bush; line with metal.
{Middle Dutch busse (noun)

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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